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Golden Age Ranch is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, care, and rehabilitation services for abandoned and unwanted horses. The majority are thoroughbreds coming from our local racetrack, however many were simply found on the side of the road. We are the only horse sanctuary on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We currently have 16 horses in our care and are located in Smith Bay across from Lindquist Beach.


GAR exists to provide a safe haven for the off-track thoroughbreds, abandoned, or abused horses of the Virgin Islands. GAR strives to promote equine stewardship, humane treatment and community involvement through the rehabilitation and retraining of the horses and ponies in our care for use in educational programming, outreach opportunities and equine-assisted therapy.


GAR’s purpose is to empower and inspire the communities of the Virgin Islands to promote and practice the humane treatment and proper care of horses and ponies, through education and community involvement.


That no horse or pony of the Virgin Islands goes without proper care and humane treatment. 


Let us know your questions!

  • What should I wear to my horseback riding experience?

Long pants and closed toed shoes are strongly recommended for all horse encounters on the ranch, especially for riding experiences. Also be sure to bring water as it will be hot under the Caribbean sun.

  • What is proper horse etiquette and safety?

Horses are generally loving and curious animals but there are things to keep in mind around these gentle giants. Never walk or stand behind a horse as you are in there blind spot and this can spook them. Be respectful of the horses personal space and be calm and gentle with them. Most of all, it is imperative that you listen to the instruction of the staff and volunteers on the ranch at all times.

  • Can we bring the horses treats? What should we  bring them?

Yes! Bring a horse a treat and they’re your new best friend. The most well liked treats are carrots and apples.

  • Where do we go for rides?

There is sometimes confusion on this as our island roads can be quite treacherous. Golden Age Ranch is located directly across from Lindquist beach on St. Thomas, USVI. There should be a yellow sign indicating the turn. At the end of the road is a steep cement hill. At the top of this hill you will find the ranch!

  • Where do Golden Age Ranch horses come from?

The majority of our horses are retired racehorses from our local racetrack. These horses are thoroughbreds brought down from stateside stables. Others were abandoned or owner surrenders. The horses find their forever home at Golden Age Ranch. We are the only rescue for horses and ponies on the island of St. Thomas.

  • Where are we?​

Go to Lindquist Beach (Smith Bay Park) on Route 38. Directly across from the beach parking lot are signs for Golden Age Ranch and Paintball. Turn in and bear right to the end of the paved road. Enter by trailer and go up the concrete road hill to the end. If you get lost or are delayed don't hesitate to call Ashley at (302)-437-5597.

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